Tips For Keeping Your Floors Clean

For most people, keeping the floors clean can be the absolute bane of their existence. Not only can the job result in a sore back, it can seem absolutely never ending. Having children only makes this task seem even more impossible. However, doing a bit of research can go a long way in preventing the need for too much elbow grease when it comes to cleaning the floors.


It's surprising, the amount of dirt that is tracked in thanks to our everyday ventures in and out of the house. Children have dirty cleats from soccer, boots get dirty from work, and of course, Fido is covered in all kinds of dirt and grass from the backyard. The first line of defense in keeping the floors clean is to keep the amount of dirt that comes inside to a minimum. It can help to remove shoes by the front door and to have a towel for Fido's dirty paws. It also doesn't hurt to have a place for guests to dust off their shoes before entering the home. Invest in a nice, rugged welcome mat for the front door.


Don't skimp on the cleanings, either. Areas used frequently should be swept or vacuumed daily, especially with children. Leaving the dirt and dust to build up will only make for a more difficult job later. Move the couches once a week as well to be sure the dust behind and underneath isn't allowed to build up. Cleaning these areas frequently may seem time consuming, but leaving them until the end of the week will be even more time consuming and difficult.

For most floors, excluding carpet, marble, or natural stone floors, cleaning with vinegar is ideal. While the smell is enough to deter some people, vinegar will leave the floors grime and dust free.  Be sure to open the doors and/or windows for ventilation.  Vinegar is also inexpensive and universal, as it can be used on other household objects such as shower doors and tracks. Be sure to mix it with a bucket of water and mop the floors as usual. Take special care when it comes to hardwood floors, as they will require extra attention.

Floors can be the first thing people notice about a home; however, keeping them clean shouldn't be a difficult chore. Regular, daily maintenance can go a long way in saving back pain each week. With repetition, it can be done swiftly and effectively, reducing the need for regular lengthy cleanings.

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For most people, keeping the floors clean can be the absolute bane of their existence. Not only can the job result in a sore back, it can seem absolut

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